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At 753" id="return-note-1288-6" href="#note-1288-6"> 6 “defendants do not contend that their admitted copying was not substantial enough to constitute an infringement, and it is plain that copying a comic book character 8217 s graphic image constitutes copying to an extent sufficient to justify a finding of infringement. But wankz.com does not have a reputation for litigation and, as the website consumerist notes , it 8217 s possible the company is simply using the subpoena to identify who among its premium subscribers are sharing the videos in violation of the site 8217 s terms of service. Желаем вам отлично провести время в нашем видео зале!

Narrowing section 230, or getting rid of it entirely, would allow victims to hold revenge porn websites responsible for the content they host. 8221 the lawsuit further claims that in their letter to wong, hard drive insist that the california resident would be liable for infringement even if her router was unsecured and someone else carried out the act without her knowledge. The major studios and the major stars are going to get hurt, but the porn industry as a whole is going to thrive, driven by the independent acts.

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